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There are times when calling 1234 isn't convenient. whether you're in a noisy place, you don't want other people to hear or maybe you just prefer to text.

The great news is you can now get information from 1234 via SMS. To use this service, send your request to 1234 via SMS. A specialist operator will send you back the answer.

1234 SMS requests cost a flat fee of $2.30 per request which includes the message you send, the answer you receive and any messages in between if the operator asks you to clarify what you are looking for or to provide more information.
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Of course you can also call 1234 if you want to talk with an operator.
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1234 may be available if your service is provided by Telstra or carried on Telstra's network. Call fee: $2.30 (plus standard mobile charges). Optional call connection requests $1.50 plus cost of connected call. SMS fee: $2.30 per request. If you are billed by someone other than Telstra, contact your service provider to find out what charges apply.

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